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Developer Newsletter 2020 May

A year since launch

In May 2019 we launched at our FusionONE developer conference with 60 open APIs available. A year on we have expanded to over 100 open APIs; introduced new capabilities like SPIs and datasets; and have seen partners launch products into the marketplace - FusionStore.

New dataset

Datasets is a functionality that enables you to get a bigger quantity of data to use for machine learning models and analytics; using Azure Data Share. A new dataset is available from our Fusion Opics product exposing trades and position data. Now a 3rd party can read trades and position data to provide financial risk calculations and reporting services such as Value-at-Risk, FRTB and Expected Shortfall.

Get detailed information regarding trades, including historical trends, parties involved, deal type, terms, and transaction price and the associated market data.

Getting started with datasets

To help you get started Finastra’s innovation team has created a sample project to show you how to use datasets and data science to predict if a customer loan will be accepted or denied; using the Customer Loans and Demographics datasets.

To make it even easier to test out, we’ve made a GitHub repository available and a guided video tutorial of how to use Python to examine outliers, create features, create a neural network model and more!

Upcoming events

Treasury explained – 9th June

During this virtual meetup, a Finastra expert will be explaining how a mid-sized bank is organized, and the role and objectives of the bank’s treasury.

And if you have questions or need help, contact our dedicated team on the Community Q&A page.

Many thanks, Team

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