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Developer Newsletter 2020 June

New apps live!

This month we welcome 3 new fintech apps to FusionStore! Vector Risk is the first to go live using our new dataset capability, offering a compete FRTB solution for FusionOpics. For corporate banking we welcome and Floatbot to our ecosystem; offering conversational banking to corporates on mobile, web, WhatsApp and Skype.

As the platform continues to grow, more and more success stories of collaboration emerge. Felix Grevy, VP Product Management for, reflects on the highlights over the past year and the key initiatives coming up this year – read more here!

New Corporate Banking APIs

Each month we continue to expand the availability of APIs enabling new use cases. This month we went live with a new type of API – service APIs. Our LIBOR transition service API is product agnostic and accessible to anyone, including non Finastra customers. Check out the new Corporate Banking APIs available to use now:

Explore API - Fusion LIBOR Transition Calculator

Explore API - Intention Based Payment Processing

New datasets

Datasets is a functionality that enables you to get a bigger quantity of data to use for machine learning models and analytics; using Azure Data Share. This month we have expanded the datasets available for treasury and capital markets.

Explore Dataset - Trades and Positions Data

Explore Dataset - Asset and Liability Data

Finding a new route to market

Fintech companies globally are connecting their applications to Finastra’s APIs, offering a fast and effective route to 8500+ financial institutions. Don’t know how works? Watch on demand our virtual meetups to hear how fintech companies are joining the open finance revolution.

And if you have questions or need help, contact our dedicated team on the Community Q&A page.

Many thanks, Team

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