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Developer Newsletter 2020 July

Test market app-etite

Want to assess market demand for your app? App Lab is our dedicated section on FusionStore to showcase apps undergoing development to our client base of 8,500 financial institutions. Where we see positive market traction and demand from financial institutions, we will work with you to help fast-track your integrations and app launch.

To take part in the program, here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Create a new development app in FusionStore

Login to FusionStore, go to ‘My Apps’ and click ‘Add App’. Select ‘Development app’ from the drop down of App Types.

Note, when you are ready to launch your app for real, you can revisit this section and change from Development app to app.

Step 2: Provide basic app profile information

This includes: name of the app and author; description; summary; logo; screenshots and videos; categories; website URL.

Step 3: Finastra will review the app profile

Once reviewed by the Finastra team, the app will become visible on FusionStore

New Apps Live!

This month we welcome 2 new fintech apps to FusionStore:

Conpend helps banks to accelerate their trade finance business through automation.

I-exceed’s Appzillon corporate mobile banking app enables treasurers and finance heads to approve transactions on the go.

A peak inside Finastra’s AI lab

Finastra’s AI lab focuses on how artificial intelligence and machine learning is leveraged throughout products and solutions; and experiments with new techniques. A recent research project looks into how federated learning can be used to train a neural network model without holding client data physically in your hands. Using encryption, web sockets, and a few other tricks you can successfully access client data to train a model without ever seeing it. Adam Lieberman and Brendon Machado explained the concept in a recent meetup.

Watch the video to see a demo

APIs delivering a new standard of customer service

With 35% of treasurers already participating in open banking ecosystem platforms, and a further 42% planning to do so within twelve months. It is a clear sign to banks that they are reaching a critical window of opportunity to roll out open banking and API innovation.

Our white paper explores new business models, challenges, accelerators and what corporate banks should do today, to best future-proof for tomorrow.

Download white paper

And if you have questions or need help, contact our dedicated team on the Community Q&A page.

Many thanks, Team

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