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Developer Newsletter 2020 September

It’s all about building the future!

This month we are taking a break from talking about new features and new APIs, to focus on existing and upcoming opportunities to build with APIs.

The Open Finance Appathon is now in full swing. We are challenging fintechs to create market-ready solutions across:

  • Retail and SME Banking
  • Payments
  • Corporate Banking
  • And Open Finance for Good

This is a unique opportunity to get extra support, attention and prizes to integrate with Finastra’s APIs. Last year we had amazing fintechs in North America take part in our first Appathon and they’ve proceeded to sell their applications to our community bank and credit union clients.

Now is your chance to take part in this bigger Appathon! Watch one of the livestream sessions to hear from the judges and join the Finastra API deep dive.

Watch the livestream sessions

Back for the sequel: Hack to the Future!

After having over 1000 developers take part in Hack to the Future 2019, the sequel is coming very soon and we’re hacking for good.

The pandemic has intensified some of the world’s most challenging issues – poverty, inequality and exclusion to name but a few. Digital infrastructure and technology are providing the platform to transform access to financial services for historically excluded populations and create better, fairer and more inclusive outcomes, and institutional opportunities for efficiency, growth and diversity.

Hack to the Future 2020 is focused on creating a brighter future that supports every person, business and community, through technology. It’s open to all: students, fintechs, banks, even children!

Find out more and register your interest

If you have questions or need help, contact our dedicated team on the Community Q&A page.

Many thanks, Team

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