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New API - Deposit Product Configuration

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of an API in the B2B channel.

Deposit Product Configuration

Endpoints for requesting a Lender's available deposit products and product parameters. This API can be used to define a deposit product and its corresponding parameters. The id from this product can then be used with the Deposits API to create and update deposit accounts.

It contains 5 enpoints :

  • GET /deposit-products/{id}: This call returns the definition for the deposit product including definitions of all parameters and fees.
  • PUT /deposit-products/{id}: This call updates a product template for a deposit product, which defines the parameters or the deposit product.
  • GET /deposit-products: This call returns a list of deposit products from the system. A deposit product may include Interest Bearing Checking, Checking etc.
  • POST /deposit-products: This call creates a deposit product template, which defines the parameters for the deposit.
  • GET deposit-products/parameters: Returns a full list of standard deposit parameters from the system.

More documentation here.

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