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New API version - Loan Product Configuration

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of an API in the B2B channel.

Loan Product Configuration

Endpoints for requesting a Lender's available credit products and product parameters. Lenders create new credit products based on market conditions to increase sales for the lending institution. Because of the custom nature of Commercial Lending, the response from this API will vary depending on the Lender's product configurations. You can use the ID of the Product Type and the Credit Parameters with the Credits API to initiate a New Loan request.

It contains 5 enpoints :

  • GET /credit-products/{id}: This call returns the definition for the specific credit product, including definitions of all of its associated parameters and fees.
  • PUT /credit-products/{id}: This call updates a product template for credits, which defines the terms for the loan as part of the application prior to booking.
  • GET /credit-products: This call returns a list of loan products from the system. A loan product defines the parameter of the Loan or Loan Request. A product type such as Term Loan could have maximum loan amount, minimum length of payments, and minimum interest rate. Other Loan Product examples include Line of Credit and Balloon Loan.
  • POST /credit-products: This call creates a product template for credits that defines the terms for the loan.
  • GET /credit-products/parameters: Returns a complete list of standard credit parameters from the system. You can reference these parameters in the ProductTemplate by name or by object. Include the object if you want to customize the parameter fields.

More documentation here.

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