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New API version - Deposits

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of an API in the B2B channel.

Deposits 2.0.0

Endpoints for retrieving deposit accounts and deposit account types from the lender's system. Deposit accounts hold the account holder's funds on hand at the financial institution. Example - a checking or savings account to which funds can be added (deposited).

It contains 6 enpoints :

  • GET /deposits/{id} : This call searches for an individual deposit account by its unique identifier.
  • PUT /deposits/{id} : This call updates a deposit item
  • GET /deposits/{id}/template : This call retrieves the schema for a specific deposit it by it's unique identifier (GUID).
  • GET /deposits : This call returns a list of deposit accounts from the system. The response can be filtered to return only deposit accounts that match the supplied search criteria.
  • POST /deposits : This call creates a deposit account using a specific deposit product template.
  • GET /deposit-products: This call returns a list of deposit products from the system. A deposit product may include Interest Bearing Checking, Checking etc.

More documentation here.

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