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Developer Newsletter 2020 October

October has been an exciting month and we have a lot to share with you: from our brand new data-focused offering and new apps in our store to an update on our global hackathon which we invite you to join so we can redefine finance for good together.

Fusion Data Cloud: data ecosystem + actionable insights + connected experiences

We have just launched Fusion Data Cloud which enables fintechs to collaborate with and promote new, innovative solutions to thousands of Finastra customers, speeds time to market and provides major scale when compared to going solo.

Two new applications are now available in our store

  • Floatbot : Finbot for RetailFinbot – Floatbot is a SaaS-based conversational AI platform that helps banks and Fintechs to automate customer support, increase customer experience and digital sales. Its DIY “No Code” platform makes it possible to build hybrid bots using advance workflow-builder and conversational AI tools.

  • AIO - Verified Financial Identity – AIO is driving trust between businesses, enabling customers to establish and own their verified financial identity, and to share it securely with financial institutions.

Finastra APIs

We invite you to check our latest API-related updates.

REGISTER to Hack To The Future: already 3,400+ participants from 70+ countries

Be a part of what we hope will be the most impactful fintech hackathon ever, with #HackToTheFuture 2020! Build your app with Finastra APIs to accelerate transformation, because we're #hackingforgood!

We are delighted to generate so much enthusiasm and drive such a tremendous level of participation just under two weeks following our official launch.

Did you know that 40+ partners and sponsors joined us to offer collectively over $90,000 in prizes?

You have until December 20th to submit your apps and help us to redefine finance for good! Come and register here.

If you have questions or need help, contact our dedicated team on the Community Q&A page.

Many thanks!

Christophe Langlois on behalf of the Team

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