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Developer Newsletter 2020 November

November has been another productive month and we have a lot to share with you about our platform and our global hackathon, Hack To The Future.

Five new applications are now officially available in our store

  • Dinero Cash - Nextgen mWallet - fully integrated with the core banking system, a bank can now easily deploy a mobile wallet ecosystem integrating third party players into the platform, facilitating the lives of millions of unbanked and enhancing banked users with a mobile wallet companion.
  • Detech Optimizer - sophisticated next-generation decision-support tool for strategic balance sheet and risk management in financial institutions. The tool optimizes assets, liabilities and capital for long-term strategies and prepares decision-makers for numerous future scenarios simultaneously.
  • SCR Optimizer - with this application, you can define, compare and apply optimization strategies on insurance portfolios in a Solvency II regulatory context. Portfolio managers can control the SCR of the portfolios at any time.
  • Payment Fraud Prevention - NetGuardians’ AI platform detects fraudulent transactions in real-time, reduces the number of false positives by 83%, fraud management time by 93%, discovers new fraud types, and reduces fraud losses.
  • Toniqs – this app enables you to deploy Neo Banking on Demand with Toniqs Cloud connected to Finastra.

Finastra APIs

REGISTER to ‘Hack To The Future’: already 4,000+ participants from 80+ countries

Be a part of what we hope will be the most impactful fintech hackathon ever, with #HackToTheFuture 2020! Build your app with Finastra APIs to accelerate transformation, because we are #hackingforgood!

You have until December 20th to submit your apps and help us to redefine finance for good!

Register now

If you have questions or need help, contact our dedicated team on the Community Q&A page.

Last but not least, we invite you to check our latest platform-related content HERE.

Many thanks,

Christophe Langlois on behalf of the Team

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