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New API - Corporate Alerts

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new API in the B2B channel.

Corporate Alerts

This API allows the user to receive a timely alert and supports making business decisions.

Alerts are sent to fintechs when certain events happen:

Submission - When a user submits a transaction within Fusion Corporate Channels. There are two user cases for a submission event

  1. The bank approves/rejects the transaction and the corporate user needs to inform the other party of the accepted transaction, or the need to resubmit the transaction.

  2. The corporate receives the transaction from a back office and the corporate user needs to be alerted so that they can take the necessary action.

    Calendar - When a user wants to set an alert for an event happening in the future and wants to set this alert in advance. This helps the corporate user to receive timely information and make a timely business decision. For example: for a Term Deposit getting matured on the 1st day of next month, the user can set up an alert to notify 3 days before the Term Deposit is matured. This aids in working capital optimization.

    Balance - When the account balance of an account falls to less than the configured threshold value.

This new API contains 1 endpoint:

  • GET/corporate-alerts: View list of alerts for the corporates

More documentation here.

API - Corporate Banking
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