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New API - Transaction Approvals

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new API in the Digital channel.

Transaction Approvals

The Transaction Approvals API allows the corporate user to approve or reject a transaction pending for approval. This API request is based on the user's access to the relevant accounts, corporate entities, as well as the transfer types. This API also allows the user to request for the parameter required to reauthenticate based on the configuration for the corporate.

This new API contains 6 endpoints:

  • POST/transactions/{transactionId}/approve: Transaction Approval for a pending transaction
  • POST/transactions/{transactionId}/approve-with-rekey: Transaction Approval for a pending transaction
  • POST/transactions/{transactionId}/reject: Transaction reject for a pending transaction
  • GET/transactions/{transactionId}/reauthentication-type: Get the type of reauthentication which needs to be used for submission of a transaction
  • POST/transactions/{transactionId}/reauthentication-code: Generate the reauthentication code which needs to be used for submission of a transaction

More documentation here.

API - Corporate Banking
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