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New API version - Funds

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new API in the B2E channel, for the Treasury and Capital Markets category.


Endpoints for funds. A fund is a legal entity, under the control of one or several portfolio managers, that handles the cash of external investors.

This API enables you to browse the funds managed directly by the entity (asset manager, insurance manager, pension fund, hedge fund...) and not those managed by a third party. It is possible to create, update, delete and retrieve subscriptions and redemptions for funds.

This new API contains 7 endpoints:

  • GET/funds: Get a list of available funds, optionally filtered by name.
  • GET/funds/{id}: Get Fund information for a specific fund.
  • POST/subscriptions-redemptions: Create a new subscription or redemption
  • GET/subscriptions-redemptions: Retrieve a list of subscriptions and/or redemptions
  • GET/subscriptions-redemptions/{reference}: Get details of an existing subscription/redemption
  • PATCH/subscriptions-redemptions/{reference}: Patch an existing subscription/redemption
  • DELETE/subscriptions-redemptions/{reference}: Delete an existing subscription or redemption

More documentation here.

API - Treasury and Capital Markets
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