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New API version - Financial Spreads

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new API version in the B2E channel.

Financial Spreads

Endpoints to allow the input of financial information for a Party so that it may be consumed by a C&I (Commercial and Industrial) chart of accounts to enable financial spreading and produce key ratios for in depth financial analysis. The financial analysis allows a lender to determine the financial health of the Party which will be used in decisioning the loan and to determine guidelines the Party will need to follow to stay within determined financial performance limits.

***Note:*** The Party ID is required to Post and, if not known, can be obtained from the Party API.

This new API version contains 2 endpoints:

  • POST /financial-spread: This call creates a new financial spread for the C&I (Commercial and Industrial) chart of accounts.
  • POST /financial-spread/personal: This call creates a new financial spread for the defined individual, business, or government entity (Party).

More documentation here.

API - Lending
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