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New API - Orders

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new API in the B2E channel.


This API provides endpoints for orders made by investors.

Orders are instructions sent to brokers to purchase or sell securities on the investors' behalf.

Currently, only market orders are supported. A market order instructs the broker to buy or sell immediately at the best price available. The bid price is used for BUY orders and the ask price is used for SELL orders to determine the best available price.

Generally, an order management system (OMS) defines a workflow that describes the states through which an order passes between the moment it is initiated and the moment it is sent to a broker. Orders that are not yet initiated (and therefore have not started going through a workflow) are referred to as simulated orders. This API can create orders (simulated or not), but it cannot change the workflow status of an order. The workflow status is determined externally, by the system in which the orders are stored.

This new API contains 3 endpoints:

  • POST /orders/bulk: Create new orders
  • GET /orders: This call retrieves existing orders filtered by the identifier of the order group
  • GET /orders/{orderId}: This call searches for a specific order by its identifier.

More documentation here.

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