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New API - FAQ.AI for Financial Services

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new API in the B2B channel.

FAQ.AI for Financial Services

Finastra's FAQ.AI for Financial Services' Open API leverages deep learning and natural language processing to enhance the customer experience by providing an intelligent question and answer service. Users send their frequently asked question data in the form of question and answer pairs to the service, and a deep learning model will understand the semantics and structure of the questions and answers. Natural language queries can then be sent to the model and users will be returned the most similar answers for their questions. FAQ.AI for Financial Services harnesses the power of machine learning and open APIs to create a smarter search so users can eliminate the need for a time consuming and manual search of information.

This new API version contains 3 endpoints:

  • GET /knowledge-bases: Lists all knowledge bases trained for the client.
  • GET /knowledge-bases/{knowledgeBaseId}: Lists question/answer pairs for a specific knowledge base.
  • GET /knowledge-bases/{knowledgeBaseId}/prediction: Takes a natural language question and leverages the trained model to find the most similar question and answer pairs.

More documentation here.

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