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New API - Invoices

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new API in the B2E channel.


A bank offering various services to customers, typically applies variable charges for services. These charges can be based on value or volume of service(s) consumed by the customer. These charges are setup by the bank and are sent to the customer as an invoice at each frequency which is defined by the bank (such as monthly, weekly etc.).

Once an invoice has been generated, it is dispatched to the customer though preferred mode. Each invoice has a due date by when the customer can make a payment to clear the dues.

Authorized bank employees can use different identifiers such as; Customer Id, Customer Group Id, Invoice status etc., to which the invoice is associated and obtain details such as; invoice amount, tax amount, generation date, previous due amount etc.

This new API contains 5 endpoints:

  • GET /invoices: Wildcard Invoice Enquiry Search
  • GET /invoices/{invoiceId}: This API endpoint returns one unique invoice identified by the invoice reference number

More documentation here.

API - Corporate Banking
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