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New API - Accounting

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new API in the B2E channel.


This read-only API provides access to accounting principles and tax lots, covering the entire Front Office Accounting.

Each trade can follow _0_ to _n_ accounting principles (set of accounting rules).

A tax lot provides the accounting indicators computed in each relevant accounting principle.

The tax lots enable you to follow the net present value of current taxes by analyzing the realization of capital gains and losses and future unrealized gains and losses by accounting principle.

Within this API, unless otherwise stated:

  • Price are expressed as amounts, i.e. monetary amounts
  • Amounts are expressed in instrument currency

For more details, see the Instruments API.

This new API contains 5 endpoints:

  • GET /principles: Retrieve accounting principles
  • GET /book-groups: Retrieve accounting book groups
  • GET /books: Retrieve accounting books
  • GET /tax-lots: Retrieve tax lots

More documentation here.

API - Treasury and Capital Markets
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