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Inter-company loan parameters API

Dear community,

A new API has been published!

It is with pleasure that we announce the release of a new API in the B2B channel. This new service aims at maintaining inter-company loan parameters, by enabling corporates to define borrowing and lending rates between parent corporate and subsidiaries.

One a more technical side, here are some explanations of how this new API is built by different objects and methods.

An interCompanyAccount object is composed of, among other parameters, an agreement, a pair of accounts, and a borrowing rate and a lending rate.

For each of those objects, you can find their definition below.

This new API contains 3 methods :

  • GET /sweep/{clientId}/agreements/inter-company-accounts : retrieves inter-company account parameters

  • POST /sweep/{clientId}/agreements/{agreementId}/inter-company-accounts/{interCompanyAccountsId} : modifies the lending and borrowing rates for the pair of accounts of an agreement

  • POST /sweep/{clientId}/agreements/{agreementId}/inter-company-accounts/{interCompanyAccountsId}/change-status : enables/ suspends Inter-Company Account Parameters

You can find this new API documentation here.

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