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New Developer Portal is now Live!

Dear Partners, Fintechs and Financial Institutions,

We are happy to announce a new release of our Developer Portal.

This new release brings you a lot of improvements in stability, layout and navigation, that turned into:

Enhanced user experience!

  • Faster loading time for an improved user experience
  • Smoother navigation and fewer loading screens
  • A better organised Catalog explorer
  • Shorter, more intuitive URLs
  • A faster and more accurate global search engine
  • Increased compliance with accessibility standards
  • An improved application dashboard with a better search engine and pagination support

What is new?

  • Bookmarks system - while you navigate inside the Catalog, you can bookmark APIs that you can later turn into an application
  • Notification panel - see all your notifications in a single place

One more thing!

As we have mentioned in January Developer Newsletter, New Design System is now directly accessible on the Developer Portal - where our teams share:

  • A Design Kit for designers
  • Our Design Thinking process.
  • Finastra branded Angular components for web developers
  • A use case of Retail Banking sample application

Many thanks, Team

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