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New API – Post-Trade Task

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Post-Trade Task API in the B2E channel. This new service aims to manage tasks from events occurring in the back-office system (Fusion Post Trade) with the task service acting as the task repository.

This new API contains 6 endpoints:

  • GET/post-trade-events: Retrieve a list of events for a given task, using the task's id
  • GET/task: Retrieve the list of tasks in the system
  • GET/task/{id}: Retrieve an existing task using the task's id
  • PUT/task/{id}: Update an existing task identified by the task's id
  • GET/task/{id}/document-preview: Preview a task's document (file), where applicable
  • GET/task/{id}/versions: Get a task's historical versions for audit purposes

High-level diagram schema:

Use case:

The Post-Trade Task API allows access to the operation-related items (tasks) generated from core back-office systems. The task service manages all issues occurring in a back-office core system; any issue that needs further attention from a user is called a post-trade event. Post-trade events can range from observing documents and settlements properly settling, to issues such as unmatched and unsettled objects, STP exceptions, and others. All issues generate tasks that a human or a machine should look into and solve. This equates to the API providing a valuable insight on the activity of the back-office and supports automated task resolution, computation of KPIs for the back-officers’ activity and facilitates interfacing with 3rd party platforms.

Related Solution:

Post-Trade Processing manage tasks from events occurring in the back-office system: supports trade, document, settlement flow and exception-related tasks. Automatically determines due time (including settlement cut-off times), team/assignee, priority, escalation, and task completion, based on a set of configurable rules. Tasks can be also be manually assigned and prioritized – individually or in bulk.


You can find this new API documentation here.

Let us know your feedback in the comments. Team

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