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Problem getting access token using B2E Authentication


I have a problem while trying to get the access token in the mobile app we are working on to use it in B2E LoanIQ APIs.

P.S: The method I'm going to show works perfectly with B2C APIs, I don't know if B2E configuration is not similar or something.

I get the access token in the application the following way:

- I use a GET request with the "authenticate" URL in order to open the authentication page (to authenticate with the username and password), and then I get the authorization code that is returned by the URL.

- Once I get the code, I add it to a POST request with the "token" URL like this:


Then, I use the JSON response I get from this request to get the access token [access_token] and use it after that in the headers of the APIs I want to implement.

As I said before, this methods works perfectly with B2C authentication, but when I do exactly the same thing with B2E, I get an empty response not containing any access token.

The POST request works, I could get a response when trying to authenticate with an empty client_id and client_secret, I got the following response in the console:


But with correct credentials, I get an empty response from the token URL:


UPDATE: by retrieving the status code and the reasonPhase, i got the following on the console: 500, Internal Server Error.

That's why I get no response in the body.

Can you please help ? It's urgent.

API - Corporate BankingAuthentication
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Please check if you are using correct credentials for B2E API, they are separate from B2C:


If the credentials used are correct could you share your application Id?

Best Regards,

Szymon Patacz

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The problem has been solved, I just copied the wrong client id when I was adding it the code. Thank you

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