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Forbidden Request

Application ID:

Client ID: 11520880-635e-4fdb-895c-f4a596319f62

Issue: When trying to get an access token from, the response says “Error: Client request ip is forbidden.”

The IP Address we are posting from,, is already set up under the IP Whitelist for production. Are you able to verify that you see our requests coming from this IP Address? We did not have any issues in the UAT environment. We also cannot change the IP whitelist because when we go back to the Test (UAT) tab and try to promote the application to production again, we get a message that our organization does not allow us to promote to production.

API - Consumer Banking
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Radu Cristian Ilina answered

Hello Ronald,

We have reviewed the requests made to this URL in the last 24 hours and we have found that some authentication requests are returning a 200 OK response code while others are returning 403 Forbidden like you have mentioned.
The IP that you have specified could not be seen in any request made to this URL.
There are multiple authentication requests that are returning 200 OK and they all have a different IP than this one and it's also not included in your IP Whitelist from FFDC.

We will further investigate the issue and will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

Regarding the capability to promote the Application to Production, this can be requested using the Contact Us Form, selecting Collaborations in the "What do you need help with" field and specifying what capability you would like to add to your organization.

Best regards,

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