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Unable to see API Loan Status Event: underwriting-approved-with-conditions


I'm doing some development against the Events API and can't seem to see or receive a Finastra / MortgageBot Event triggered off of a loan status change (after I update the loan status in MortgageBot for a loan and publish + save it).

Interestingly enough we're seeing the OPTIONS come through every hour (00:13) so it sounds like it's live, but just not getting the specific trigger on loan status?

Any insight into what might be happening?

  • tenant: sandbox
  • Environment: Development
  • ApplicationID: 02e98fea-227a-4e54-8428-c80557da1e65

Happy to provide more info / logging if needed.

Many thanks in advance!

API - Lendingevent
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Radu Cristian Ilina avatar image Radu Cristian Ilina commented ·
Hello Francis,

We are investigating this issue and will come back to you with an answer in a timely manner.

Best regards,

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Ben C. avatar image Ben C. ♦♦ Radu Cristian Ilina commented ·

Hi Francis,

In follow up to your original inquiry, can you confirm if you are responding to the webhook validation challenge (OPTIONS) correctly in order to receive the events? It's possible you are not including the HTTP header: [Responds to a web-hook validation challenge][1]

It is likely that since messaging is calling the OPTIONS endpoint every hour, it doesn't like the response it's getting, and doesn't create the subscription.

Regards, Ben [1]:

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Francis Tumbokon avatar image Francis Tumbokon Ben C. ♦♦ commented ·
Hi Ben,

Yes I'm responding to the OPTIONS + validating correctly. I do see it coming in every hour so we should be all set there too.

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