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Power Apps - Collection Data not retrieved properly from custom connector

Hi there,

I am trying to create the PowerApps sample app provided in the documentation on the Fusion Creator Dev platform.

I have created the 3 custom connectors, including ConsumerProfile calling the Consumer Profile FFDC API. Test goes well: consumer requests returns all the details of one consumer including first name, last name, dob, address, email address, phones...

On PowerApps, the datasource ConsumerProfile is present, and my screen's action is "ClearCollect(CustomerData, ConsumerProfile.consumer())" on visible. When I go to View Collections though, CustomerData only has 1 line and 3 attributes only: Text (empty), CoreIdentifications (empty) and dateOfBirth (only one filled in with correct value). Therefore, on my screen, I cannot display the firstname or lastname of the consumer as this field does not exist in the collection.

Any chance someone has an idea of the issue?

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Hi Valerie,

please first test this endpoint directly at custom connector side, section 4.test

to check it returns the expected data with user ffdcuser1 (check also the video )

Then, when calling ClearCollect(CustomerData, ConsumerProfile.consumer()) with a alive connection, it should create a collection CustomerData you can visualize in Collections.



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Thanks a lot Laurent! I will try that today.

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Actually, I have done the test on the custom connector side already, I do get all the information about Sally Hermitage, dob, adresses, phones... I will check the video...

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Re-created all the custom connectors, connections and link to PowerApps, it seems to work now... !

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