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PSD2 flow for en users and business model

Do the PSD2 APIs allow to connect all European banks that are forced to provide customer bank information?

For those APIs which have end user has potential clients, what are the business model of Finastra with APP developers?

Many Thanks

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for this question, we need to contact the core product specialist. I will let you know as soon as I get a response from him.

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First the platform and APIs are provided for application developers to build apps. These apps by nature are reintegrated with Finastra products, that’s the potential.

Concerning the PSD2 question. For developing Apps to any bank mainly in Europe, application developers can’t access customer account information without a consent given by the customer, and the same goes for initiating payment transaction on behalf of the customer. Fusion Digital solution provides these capabilities.


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Francois Lasne answered

Fusion fabric . Cloud allows you to connect to the Finastra clients we are partnering with. For a fintech it means you develop once and deploy to many banks. Still you will not be able to connect to all European bank.

First of all , there are at least 4 API standard on the market. We are exposing one stet (compliant with the regulation) and will extend our coverage soon.

Second not all banks have joined our open platform.

this API in particular it allows to connect to our digital but as well retail banking clients.

About the business model, fintech can develop for against our API. Finastra is providing sandbox for free. They are all being the scene backed by real servers, no mock. Once your app is finished there's a promotion to access to the Finastra store that gives you a great visibility. Then banks allow your app to go to production.

The business model for psd2 is a bit specific as there are some regulatory requirements for banks to provide access and so it deserves a dedicated call.

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Dear Mr Lasne,

I add an additional list of question, in the previous comment.


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Thanks for the explanations, I have a few more questions:

1. Do you have a list of European banks that we can access through the APIs ( I believe that it may be confidential and we are ready to sign an NDA if you want)?

2. Which kind of information the retail bank customers should provide together with his agreement to access his account? Do we need to provide his login and PWD to his online account? Do we need to ask for IDs and POA? (We already have a nice onboarding platform we developed)

3. Is the APIs ready for production? We have some concerns because we understood that most of the European banks are not ready for production and that only part of them have a Sandbox. Do this different since we connect to banks which are Finastra clients?

5. Regarding the profit sharing model, I have difficulties to understand what should be the right format? Since we won't have access to all European banks through Finastra and that one of our app features will be to summarize and aggregate accounts that may not be related to a bank which is in the Finastra network. In addition, some features and services may be FOC and profit may emerge for external offers.

I will be glad to speak with you in order to discuss our project and how we can find the right framework for a fruitful collaboration.



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