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Process flow for Party ID API (B2E)

Hi all

We are utilising the Party ID API and wanted to see if someone has come up with a proposed flow.

At the moment we call a list of all parties and then ask the user to match the relevant Party. Ideally, we would like to be able automate the matching process rather than asking the banker to confirm a match.

Thanks for any advice

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Dawid Rampalski avatar image Dawid Rampalski ♦♦ commented ·


I'd like to ask what would you like to accomplish while using the Party API as an end result? What kind of system are you building?

Are there any other api you are using and if yes could you comment here with the links to the corresponding API catalog pages?
Best Regards,

Dawid Rampalski

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Mathias avatar image Mathias Dawid Rampalski ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Dawid

In the most straight forward case use we are sending documents to finstara via the Documents API. In order to send it to finastra against the relevant company we need the user to confirm the Party ID.

We also collect the user details via the Account Information (US) API. We were hoping we could perform a match with these details.


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Dawid Rampalski avatar image Dawid Rampalski ♦♦ Mathias commented ·


Documents API was temporarily withdrawn from the FFDC due to technical issues.

As for the Party API, what is your current process of getting the user to confirm the party? Something like this maybe:

1. Get all parties

2. Ask user to pick which party he wants

3. Get party by Id of what he chosen


And please confirm if I understand you right: you want this process to be automatic instead of letting the user pick based on some earlier choices of the user?

Best Regards,


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