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Certificate Error - Unable to generate access token for Auth Code through Postman

While trying to create access token from the Postman we are getting

the error "Error: unable to verify the first certificate " with below values

Client id - 62ce4de9-a6d5-4fa6-a2d4-089a236831ec

Client secret key - 8714d8e9-513b-4beb-a2c2-2768fc7d0225

Redirect URL :

Below is the error console :



Error: unable to verify the first certificate

Warning: This request did not get sent completely and might not have all the required system headers

Client Certificate


authenticate: false

host: ""

id: "fae38d6d-431a-4591-932e-810a3569ffd0"

match: {…}

port: 8888

tunnel: false

Request Headers

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Request Body

grant_type: "authorization_code"

code: "13fe3e64-c074-4c63-b082-a5e29868337b.22778444-ffb7-43a9-a4c7-e792ff2a8913.f:b04b9e0f-9d0d-4367-99ef-7d876dc8ff1d:62ce4de9-a6d5-4fa6-a2d4-089a236831ec"

redirect_uri: ""

client_id: "62ce4de9-a6d5-4fa6-a2d4-089a236831ec"

Error: unable to verify the first certificate


Below is the post man UI to generate the request :

Kindly help .

Thanks .

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Kamil avatar image Kamil ♦♦ commented ·

Hello Gijo,

could you please tell me what exact API you are using ?

Best regards,


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Gijo avatar image Gijo Kamil ♦♦ commented ·

Sure Kamil , I am using api

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Dawid Rampalski avatar image Dawid Rampalski ♦♦ commented ·


are you sure that your Callback URL matches the ReplyURL of your application created in developer portal?

When i try to get a token with your credentials it fails because there seem to be mismatch.

Please let me know.


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Gijo avatar image Gijo Dawid Rampalski ♦♦ commented ·

The reply url is correct one ,

Below is the snapshot of my profile dashboard which shows the call back url / reply url .

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Francois Lasne avatar image Francois Lasne ♦♦ Gijo commented ·

This doesn't look a valid https certificate .

Nb in b2b this reply URL is not used.

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