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Tenants and financial institutions


can you please give more details about tenants and the financial institutions. It is not very clear from the documentation.

For example, under the sandbox tenant which financial institutions are available?

How is it possible to find the tenant id of the financial institution (bank)?

Does every financial institution have its own tenant id?

Is it possible to get the list of all financial institutions in Dev/Test/Prod environments?

Is it possible to search for a customer along all existing tenants which belongs to the environment?

How is it possible to understand to which financial institution the customer belongs to?



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The sandbox tenant does not have any real financial institutions behind it. It is a let's say test playground environment filled with data that can be used as a template for developers to build aplications as the data format must be compliant between every tenant.

We do not offer a publicly available access to any of the real Financial Institutions.

Each institution can enroll with Finastra to build an application based on the OpenAPI, when they are ready the can request their own tenant to be created and filled with data that they provide.

The request you make needs to be authorized with Oauth2 and based on that and routing behind the tenant the request will reach only the tenant that a given user is authorized for. So if a given institution sends a request for customer list, they will receive only their own clients in response.

Please let me know if that is clear or if you have any more questions.
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Hi Dawid, yes, it is clear now. Thanks for the clarification.

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